Toque Craft Fair

Dec 1 – 3 2023
Fri: 6 – 10 p.m.
Sat & Sun: 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

A marketplace for art, craft and design by BC-based makers

At Western Front
303 E 8th Ave, Vancouver

Toque is an annual community event and fundraiser hosted by Western Front. It showcases a curated selection of BC-based artists, craftspeople and designers who make textiles, ceramics, jewelry, bags, stationery, and home and body products.

Admission by donation.

Vendors 2023

Ami Like Miami

A BIPOC artist of East Indian and Ukrainian descent, Ami in Miami is a self-taught ceramicist. Using the medium of clay as a means to explore and to heal, Ami’s pieces are a modern take on classic geometric forms. 

AxeWood Inc.

Working primarily with an axe by hand, Jody Lentz of AxeWood Inc allows the wood to guide him as he unveils the form within. Following the grain, he reveals functional wooden spoons and bowls, as well as organically shaped yet practical decor pieces.
Instagram: @axewoodinc

Blossom Beads

Chloe Erlendson is a Vancouver-based Red River Métis beadworker and member of the Manitoba Métis Federation. In Blossom Beads, Chloe takes inspiration from traditional Métis techniques and motifs, incorporating them into contemporary earrings and accessories made with high quality materials. 
Instagram: @blossombeads_

Cracher Dans La Soupe Parfum 

Cracher Dans La Soupe Parfum is a botanical perfumery focused on ethically sourcing and harvesting sustainable materials. Started by Megan Hepburn and Alex Muir in 2018, they design their aromas to immerse the senses in the extraordinary and unconventional beauty of local flora and fauna.
Instagram: @cracherdanslasoupe

Charlene (Chuck) Heilman

Meet text-based artist Charlene (Chuck) Heilman. Chuck’s work includes creating tote bags that are both amusingly playful and politically critical, bedazzled with rhinestones with slogans that are designed to catch your eye.
Saturday and Sunday only.
Instagram: @chuckylucky

Concept Theft

Concept Theft is a mixed media practice repurposing found objects and vintage jewelry to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Blending nostalgia, punk aesthetics, and religious iconography, Concept Theft captures the essence of the past while challenging conventional notions of beauty and meaning.
Sunday only. 
Instagram: @concept_theft

Connie’s Cravings

Connie’s Cravings is locally made in the heart of Vancouver. With commitment to quality and creativity, their soft and chewy cookies are handmade with love and freshly baked.
Saturday and Sunday only.
Instagram: @conniescravings

Domestic Intervention Co.
by Corrina Hammond Textiles 

Corrina Hammond is an artist, and founder of Domestic Intervention Co. Corrina hand weaves stunning contemporary cloth garments and household textiles on traditional floor looms from her studio in Chinatown, Vancouver.
Instagram: @corrinahammondtextiles

Darling, be 

Clara of Darling, be designs and creates clothing and accessories from her studio in Victoria. All of the pieces sewed are handmade and upcycled from gently loved and forgotten fabrics.
Sunday only.
Instagram: @darling__be

Draw Me A Lion

Cards, books, fun things to colour and cute gifts for kids or the kid in you! Draw Me A Lion was created out of Lisa Cinar’s passion for drawing and making things and a belief in the importance and benefits of creativity and fun.
Instagram: @drawmealion

Dunbar Pottery 

Dunbar Pottery, composed of Martin Peters and Ron Vallis, makes utilitarian ware in the Leach/Hamada tradition of handmade pots. They make their own clay (stoneware and porcelain) and glazes (traditional Japanese) and their work is reduction fired. 
Instagram: @dunbarpottery

DW Leatherworks 

DW Leatherworks is the Vancouver-based one-man operation of Derrick Wong, who crafts leather goods by hand from start to finish without the use of any machines. Paying attention to detail and meticulously handcrafted products, Derrick only uses premium materials to create leather goods for everyday use that are made to last. 

Saturday only. 

Instagram: @dwleatherworks


fancypop is a collection of unique jewelry and accessories made with beads, resin, clay, paint, and everything else in between. Everything is made with the everyday girl in mind. Fun, casual, or classic – fancypop offers something perfect (and affordable) for any occasion!
Instagram: @hellofancypop


Julie-Anne is the mixed Indigenous artist behind FRNGE. Working with brass, silver and unique stones such as opals and pearls, she creates slow and intentional jewelry. Her inspiration is both earthy and celestial, with each piece imbued with the hope of becoming an heirloom.
Sunday only. 
Instagram: @FRNGE


Through her label Fortiv, Michelle Larsen creates one of a kind clothing with reclaimed fabric. Her process is rooted in a desire to create clothing grounded in resourcefulness, play, and experimentation, while re-thinking how we create, consume and connect to what we wear. 
Instagram: @_fortiv_


Jesse Bromm and Tyler Archibald of Goodbeast hot glass studio explore the relationship between ourselves and our objects. Using recycled materials, sustainable production, and an unique eco-friendly furnace, they create pieces with an emphasis on simplicity and individuality. 

Haley Hunt-Brondwin   

Haley Hunt-Brondwin is a multidisciplinary artist from BC’s west coast. She works in mixed media including painting, tapestry, and sculpture (in the form of jewelry and usable objects). Her work is inspired by storytelling, memory, and natural landscapes both real and imagined.
Friday and Saturday only.
Instagram: @haleyhbart

Heike Royer Art  

Heike Royer is a lifelong maker, working in a number of mediums in her career before exploring cross-stitch during the pandemic. She designs and creates unique mandala style coasters, as well as pictorial interpretations of paintings and other visual art works. 
Instagram: @heikeroyerart

Henderson Dry Goods    

Under the name Henderson Dry Goods, designer Alex Henderson has been making obsessively detailed Christmas ornaments and other small decorative objects since 2009. Discover minutely detailed pieces made from maple wood, celebrating the outdoors and festive holidays. 
Website: HendersonDryGoodsCo
Instagram: @henderson_dry_goods


Julie Roussy Newton is the mix media artist and fashion designer behind Hijulez, a woman run and operated small business. Hi Julez handcrafts comfortable clothing out of reclaimed and recycled materials, using homegrown natural dyes, that spark joy and inspire hope.
Saturday and Sunday only.
Instagram: @hijulez

f Ceramics 

Galiano Island’s Illana Fonariov creates pots that are durable, light and meant to be used. Carefully choosing sustainable and locally sourced supplies, she processes her own materials and even uses by-products such as wood ash in her glazes.
Sunday only.
Instagram: @if.ceramics

Julia Chirka 

Potting along for the past 17 years, Julia Chirka’s favourite things to make are functional objects like planters, lamps and tableware. No two are ever the same, but they share a quality of spontaneity and show her bottomless curiosity and unselfconscious playful approach.
Instagram: @chateaudejulz

Kate Metten Studio 

Kate Metten is an interdisciplinary artist whose investigations into oil painting and ceramics deal with the language of abstraction. Beautiful to look at, satisfying to hold, and very proudly made in Vancouver, all tableware is wheel-thrown using local clays and her own palette of glazes. 
Instagram: @kate_metten

Kerria Gray

Working in Mount Pleasant, Kerria Gray is a ceramicist making functional work using a variety of firing techniques to create incredibly textured glazes, from wood to soda. Utilising a muted colour palette and curved forms, every object is carefully considered as to how it may fit into daily life. 
Friday and Saturday only.
Instagram: @kerria_gray_and_clay

Knitbone Ceramics 

Seed is a ceramic artist making small batch functional ceramics for the home using a deep red clay body, earthy glazes and playful surface design. Ever evolving as their curiosity compels them towards new forms, firing methods and surfaces, Seed is motivated by the land, sea and their vibrant queer community.
Instagram: @_knitbone_ceramics_

Made By Elliot 

Begun at five years old, Made by Elliot takes his original drawings, illustrations, and recycled fabrics and turns them into wearable buttons or magnets. Four years on, Elliot is a second-year Arts Umbrella Foundation program student and is inspired by other young creative entrepreneurs.
Instagram: @gotcraftmarket

MDW Jewelry 

Meghan Weeks is a Woodland Cree/English artist and proud member of the Sucker Creek First Nation. Embracing storytelling through her gender neutral, sterling silver jewelry and beadwork, Meghan’s work reflects her Cree culture, childhood memories and humorous Aunty energy. 
Instagram: @mdwjewelry

Moonseed Herbals

Created by herbalist Emma Postl, Moonseed Herbals products are made seasonally in small batches from organically grown and ethically harvested medicinal herbs. Their current offerings include all-natural plant-infused oils, salves, and tincture blends, as well as room sprays and perfumes.
Instagram: @moonseedherbals

Mona Lisa Ali Ceramics 

Mona Lisa Ali is a Jordanian-American artist, currently focused on ceramics. Inspired by a communal 420-kilometre artist walk across Jordan, her work includes hand-pinched ceramics embedded with stones, glazed with plant ash, and then wood or soda fired. 
Instagram: @monalisaali_

Moniker Press 

Moniker Press is a small risograph print studio in Vancouver and publishing project that works collaboratively with artists to produce small editions of books, zines and print ephemera. Launching their 2024 calendar at Toque, they will also have notebooks, gifts and more.
Sunday only.
Instagram: @monikerpress


The NEW LOoK Calendar Project is a large-format art calendar that is guided by an annual theme, finding new ways of seeing the world each year. Using recycled and natural materials they make collages, paintings, scans, and photographs which are put through many layers of tactile and digital transformation.

Friday and Saturday only.
Instagram: @fornewlook


Paperbacknote is a unique upcycled stationery product made locally, repurposing paperback books and rebinding them into new notebooks. Whether for journaling, sketching, or note-taking, their love for giving used books more life is tangible.
Instagram: @paperbacknote

See You Soon Studio 

See You Soon Studio is a home for textile craft, and illustration. Every friendly design is the act of daydreaming – in swoops of colour, curiosity, and fleeting narrative. Featured products include: quilted wall hangings, art prints, cards, and magnets.
Friday and Saturday only.

Studio Daisy 

Studio Daisy is an eclectic floristry founded by Daisy Fung. It is dedicated to the opulence of the seasons, natural materials, and creating exquisite flowers. 
Instagram: @studio__daisy

Studio Note 

Studio Note is a Vancouver-based collective operated by Mandy Chang and Elina Daily. As two designers with diverse backgrounds, they come together in pursuit of developing new experiences through traditional ones —making the common object uncommon.

Friday and Saturday only.
Instagram: @_studionote

tuk + milo 

tuk + milo (tuck and my-low) is an online kids concept shop that focuses on the benefits of play-based learning throughout the early years. Our signature handmade soft toys are now accompanied by open-ended play materials + developmental appropriate activities. Our collection is curated to encourage imaginary + creative play.
Instagram: @tukandmilo

Tony Dubroy

An annual excursion into shape, Tony uses this chance to explore form and function in the arena of bowls, dishes and platters. Locally sourced, often salvaged wood is used to create (mostly) functional pieces that can stand on form alone.
Instagram: @tonydubroy

Taylor Moon Ceramics

Taylor Moon Ceramics is an artist that specializes in ceramics and poetry. Processing her inner chaotic world through clay, Taylor creates pieces that are pushed and pulled from her subconscious and often are decorated with original text. 

Friday and Saturday only.
Instagram: @taylormoonceramics

Valérie D Walker

Valérie d. Walker is a neoRenaissance artist, deep craft and quotidian actions infuse her studio-centric processes. Indigo’s reverberations along the transatlantic Black diaspora empower her Afro-futuristic tactile time-resonating textures. V’s eco-positive processes take form in unique hand dyed natural Indigo pieces.
Instagram: @indigovdw


Nellie, a Latvian artist now living on Canada’s West Coast, harnesses the pure essence of natural wool to craft an enchanting world. Her hands, guided by 15 years of experience, delicately shape animals, spectral apparitions, gnomes, and even whimsical acorns.
Instagram: @warmanddrift

Willow Ave

Catherine Langevin is a willow weaver. She is passionate about creating sustainable, durable, and often utilitarian work inspired by nature. Striving to live a life that is gentle to our planet, she hopes her creations will carry and spread this intention everywhere they’ll go.
Instagram: @willow__avenue

Woolf Glass  

After discovering a passion for making stained glass a few years prior, Vancouver based Woolf Glass makes minimalist pieces. First inspired by her uncle’s work as a child, Kate delights in the process of making by hand, creating suncatchers and ornaments for your window or tree.  
Friday and Saturday only.
Instagram: @woolfglass

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Western Front?

Western Front is one of Canada’s leading multidisciplinary artist-run centres. Since 1973, we have produced and presented contemporary art exhibitions, music concerts, performances, publications, residencies, and other artist-driven initiatives. We also house an extensive audio-visual archive documenting the history of our artistic program.

Find out more about Western Front at

How does Toque support Western Front?

Toque is all about goodwill, community, and fostering sustainability for artists and artist-run culture in Vancouver. The participating artists and designers generously donate 30% of all sales to support Western Front’s artistic program.

What makes Toque special?

Since the early 1970s, Western Front has held a winter holiday craft fair for local artists to sell their handmade goods and engage new audiences. Organized by different artists, curators and creatives over the years, the event has a distinct artist focus. Branded Toque in 2002 by the powerhouse creative team of Steven Brekelmans, Fiona Curtis, and Tim Lee, the name was chosen to evoke handcrafts, coziness and winter, and it has stuck ever since. Toque has a loyal following of supporters who value local handmade goods and who return each year to support artists in their community. Several artists are a longtime and much-loved part of this event, while talented new makers are added to the roster each year. The event is all about coming together, meeting artists, and connecting with what is being made in our community. 

Is Toque an accessible event? 

Toque takes place across the ground and second floor of Western Front’s heritage building. While the ground floor is accessible, the second floor is only accessible by a flight of twenty-six stairs. Learn more about accessibility at Western Front here.

Can I bring my dog to Toque?

As Toque can be a crowded and noisy environment, we ask that you leave your pets at home for the safety and comfort of all. Service animals are always welcome.

How can I receive updates about Toque?

Follow us on Instagram @toquecraftfair to get a sneak peek of the artists’ and designers’ work, and to receive further news about the event.

Additional questions?
+1 (604) 876-9343

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